White Sox and Their Pitching Needs

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By:Marcos Sandoval

The White Sox have and abundance of young and talented prospects. With the likes of Eloy Jimenez, Nick Madrigal,and Dylan Cease just to name a few. One, as a baseball fan, begins to wonder when there will be a new contender for the World Series.

Although the White Sox can't hope to contend for the 2019 season, there is the ability to prepare and get settled in for when they are able to.

The White Sox will need to strengthen their starting rotation as well as have an out and out closer for the 2019 season. Michael Kopech will miss the next season due to Tommy John's surgery and the team had decided to not re-sign James Shields, instead deciding on spending money to keep Nate Jones. Jones being the only proven righty in the bullpen, Dylan Covey in and out of the Majors, and the bullpen being victim of huge amounts of departures during the rebuild, there's a lot of work cut out for this team.

The Current Situation

Pitchers like Carson Fulmer, and Lucas Giolito had average seasons at best. Carson Fulmer being sent back Triple-A early on and Lucas Giolito having trouble finding the zone at times.

James shields had an average of a 5.51 ERA across his 3 years with the team. And in 2018 recorded his biggest loss tally in all of his career at 16 with an ERA 4.53, his best in the Sox uniform. The veteran presence has to be found elsewhere now that he has remained a free agent.

Reynaldo Lopez and Carlos Rodon showed moments of spark at some points during the 2018 season Each going on impressive runs across weeks of great performances. But Rodon at 25 and Lopez at 24, and the horrid season that was the 2018 White Sox season in general, they have a lot to prove

The Solution and Rumors

Edwin Diaz To the Sox

The White Sox have no closer. Jace Fry, Thyago Vieira, and others filling out the role for moments at a time. Even though Ian Hamilton is being called up, it's still seem time before he develops into the solution to that they need.

Diaz saved 57 games in his 2018 All-Star season. In 73 games, Diaz recorded a 1.96 ERA, striking out 124 in 73.1 innings. At age 24, this would be an incredible opportunity to land a young and proven signing.

This would probably lead to the White Sox giving up prospects to land Diaz, but his young age and ability are reasons to make this trade a reality.

Marcus Stroman To the Rescue

Marcus Stroman is a proven pitcher. And at 27, he has a good career ahead of him. He would be one of the eldest pitchers in the clubhouse, providing leadership and a high energy attitude.

Although Stroman is coming out of a bad season, there is no doubt about his control and ability to get outs.

The White Sox could mostly give some of their prospects outside the top-100 list like Luis Alexander Basabe and Jimmy Lambert and many others.

The White Sox have a lot to do. With rumors of J.T. Realmuto, Nelson Cruz, even Noah Syndergaard are bouncing around, the White Sox have the opportunity of becoming real spenders this offseason. And with the team trading for Manny Bañuelos from the Dodgers for 3B Justin Yurchak the only trade move done by the White Sox this offseason so far, the team has the ability to “splash the cash” on players like Manny Machado and Bryce Harper. But are opting to prepare for the opportunity to compete beyond the 2019 season to the 2020 and 2021 season.

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