Weirdest Baseball Injuries Of All Time - Part 3 (Clothing Edition)

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By: Daniel Wilkins


I’ve finally decided that “Weirdest Baseball Injuries” is going to be an official article series on The Dugout. There are somehow enough oddball injuries to go around that I could make a series on it.

If that isn’t weird enough, just know that there are more weird injuries that need to be mentioned. However, in this edition, we will only be looking at injuries that involve articles of clothing. Without further ado, here are even more examples of some of the most obscure, unlikely, and downright confusing injuries in baseball’s long history.

A shirt (2010)

The fact that we only have one example of a shirt-related injury is something to be thankful at the Thanksgiving dinner table. The fact that there even is one is thanks to utility man Geoff Blum, whose injury is the most notable highlight of his career. It’s not known what injury he obtained, but we do know that he went on the DL for the injury while taking off his shirt.

However, Blum believed that the shirt had no role in the injury. He said, "There are probably 90 percent of us in the big leagues that have loose bodies floating around. I just so happens that after the game, it tightened up on me. The shirt had nothing to do with the d*mn injury."

A pair of pants (2018)

Once again, be thankful that there’s one example of this.

Cubs closer Brandon Morrow somehow got a back injury while taking off his pants in June 2018. He ended up going on the 10-day DL, but was back on the DL quickly after reinstatement and was out for most of 2018’s second half.

I still don’t know how you can strain your back from taking off your pants. Did you lean over? Did you leave the belt on as you were taking it off? I have no clue.

Shoes and cowboy boots (?, 1982, 2016)

While this injury is not confirmed, and we don’t know when it happened, it’s said that Mickey Tettleton once had a bad (and I mean bad) case of athlete’s foot. While that doesn’t seem shoe-related, you’d be surprised to know that “Froot Loops” contracted the injury from tying his shoes too tight.

Then-Brewers reliever Will Smith tore a ligament in his knee in 2016. He tore that ligament from taking off his cleats. But, possibly the most interesting shoe-related injury is from Hall of Famer Wade Boggs, who strained his back while attempting to take off his cowboy boots. He missed about a week of play.

A ring? (1970)

I’m not sure if it counts as an article of clothing, but it can’t be too far of a stretch, considering that you’re wearing the ring. Let’s just roll with it.

Former Braves closer Cecil Upshaw was sidelined for the entire season in 1970 due to the first, and most likely only ring-related injury in baseball history. No, it wasn’t a World Series ring, but it was just a regular ring that got caught on an awning. Upshaw was demonstrating his slam dunk, which makes it even more odd because this is a baseball player, not an NBA power forward.


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