Potentially Interesting Trade Deadline Names

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By: Noah Wright


Although we’re still about 2 and a half months out from the July trade deadline, there are still some fairly interesting names that could pop up between now, and the trade deadline. Each of these players are useful in some aspect, and could be viewed as team boosters for whatever team they might be traded to later in the summer.

  • Neil Walker:

The former Pirates’ 2B turned Marlins’ 1B is off to a great start in 2019. The switch hitter is batting .294/.379/.431 in 124 plate appearances. That’s good for a 127 wRC+ and 128 OPS+. Walker is also walking a good amount this year with an 11.3% walk percentage. Although Walker isn’t any sort of superstar with the glove, he can provide solid defense at third base, first base, second base, and even the outfield if need be.

Potential fits: Pirates, Yankees, Cubs

  • Trey Mancini:

2 Years ago, Mancini finished 3rd in AL Rookie Of The Year voting. After a down season in 2018, Mancini looks like the young slugger we saw in ‘17. So far into 2019, Mancini has a .308/.355/.545 line in 169 PA’s. Mancini has also seen an uptick in walks, and a drop in strikeouts. He has an OPS at .900 as well. Overall, his offensive output has been worth 137 wRC+, and 141 OPS+. The one thing teams will have to worry about is Mancini’s glove. Although Mancini plays outfield, he’s primarily a first baseman. Even then, he’s no stud with the leather at first.

Potential fits: Astros, Rockies, Brewers

  • Marcus Stroman:

Stroman is basically suffering from what DeGrom suffered from last season. Despite leading the league in pitcher losses, Stroman is having a very nice season. In 52 innings, Stroman has posted a 3.12 ERA, 3.16 FIP, and 1.288 WHIP. He has solid control with just 3.1 BB/9, and having given up just 3 long balls. Stroman also has a career high 7.8 K/9 this season as well. Stroman already pitches in pretty hitter friendly environments, so if he were to get traded to a pitcher friendly environment, the right hander could be a top tier starter.

Potential fits: Astros, Yankees, Rays, Braves, Brewers, Phillies

  • Logan Forsythe:

Forsythe was brought in by the Rangers on a minor league deal, and could be one of the more valuable pieces at the deadline. Forsythe is batting an outstanding .316/.414/.541 in 117 plate appearances. Even though Forsythe plays in the Rangers stadium, he has an OPS+ of 146, and better numbers away from Arlington, than in Arlington. He has also made hard contact nearly half of the time (49.3%). Defensively, Forsythe can play first base and second base, along with some third base and shortstop. Although he’s not the best fielder, he’ll definitely do solid at any of the infield positions.

Potential fits: Pirates, Yankees Cubs

  • Shane Greene:

Greene did very well in 2017, but faltered as the fulltime closer for Detroit in 2018. In 2019, Greene has looked like an all-star so far. In 18 innings, the Tigers’ closer has let just 3 earned runs score, and has struck out 22 batters. Walking batters isn’t a problem either, as he’s walked only 4 batters. Although, home runs have been a bit of a problem. He’s given up 2 so far this year. Regardless, Greene would make a solid back-end bullpen piece for most teams.

Potential fits: Red Sox, Dodgers, Pirates, Braves, Phillies, Mets

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