A Hall Of Fame Case: Troy Tulowitzki

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By: Noah Wright


Shortstop Troy Tulowitzki’s career is likely in its final years. The once MVP level SS has put up some good numbers throughout his career. However, will what he has done in 5402 plate appearances be enough to make the hall?

Why He Will Make The Hall:

Tulowitzki has a career .856 OPS. Among all time shortstops, he would rank 6th, right below Hall Of Famer Joe Cronin (.857 OPS). Tulo’s 224 career home runs ranks 11th among shortstops all time, just ahead of Barry Larkin and Alan Trammell. Throughout the former Rockies shortstop’s career, Tulo was known for being a power hitting SS. With a .495 slugging %, he would rank 3rd in slugging behind Alex Rodriguez, and Nomar Garciaparra. Tulowitzki has also received MVP votes in 6 separate years (‘07, ‘09, ‘10, ‘11, ‘13, ‘14), made it to the All Star game 5 times (‘10, ‘11, 13, ‘14,’15), and won 2 Silver Sluggers/Gold Gloves (‘10, ‘11, one of each in each season). Throughout his prime (‘09-’15), Tulo put up a .304/.378/.535 batting line. Defensensively, Tulo ranks within the top 100 (#81) of all position players in dWAR at 16.9. Also, Tulowitzki has over 100 (102) DRS, which further adds to how good of a defender he is. So in total, Tulowitzki has a career .290/.361/.495 batting line across 5402 plate appearances spanning from ‘06-’17.

Why He Won’t Make The Hall:

What really hurts Troy’s HOF Case is his home/away splits. It’s pretty clear that he’s played in very hitter friendly parks. His original park being Coors Field and the other park being Rogers Center. Throughout his career, the home/away splits are pretty noticeable. At home, Tulo has a HOF worthy.310/.382/.536 batting line. Away, he has a solid but unspectacular .269/.338/.453. That’s the main factor in his case, but not the only factor. Tulowitzki has proven time and time again that he is injury prone. Of the 11 seasons he’s actually played in the bigs as an MLB shortstop, Tulo has only reached 140 or more games 3 times. He just sat out the entire 2018 season due to injury. Tulo’s hit count (1389) and RBI total (779) also don’t scream HOF worthy.

The Verdict:

No doubt Tulo had some pretty good seasons in his prime. Just look at what he did in 375 plate appearances in 2014. But he hasn’t done enough to earn a spot into the hall. If Tulo would have played at least 140 games in 6 or 7 of his 11 seasons as an MLB player, then we might have a different verdict. But couple his lack of durability with his home and away splits and other good but not great counting stats, Tulo will probably not make the Hall Of Fame unless he has some late career resurgence where he returns to the shortstop we all knew after missing all of 2018 with injury and isn’t even guaranteed a roster spot heading into 2019.

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