Adam Frazier’s Underrated Season

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By: Noah Wright


There’s a lot of players that are way overlooked on The Pittsburgh Pirates, and one of them is Adam Frazier. Frazier has been overshadowed by many secondbasemen, but he ranks among some of the better in some stats. Let’s look at the utility player’s season, and how it stacks up to other well known second basemen.

Well we have to first look at Frazier’s overall 2018. Frazier played multiple positions, including all outfield positions, but mainly 2B. When he was at the plate, he gave The Pirates a .277/.342/.456 in 352 plate appearances. In some counting stats, Adam had 10 home runs, and 35 RBI’s. His offensive production resulted in a good 116 wRC+, and a fairly impressive .179 ISO. When he came to the plate with runners in scoring position, Frazier got even better, having a .333 average, and .1005 OPS. It’s harder to believe that he was demoted earlier this season. But once he was recalled in late June, Frazier batted .306/.357/.533.

So how do Adam Frazer’s stats compare to some of baseball’s top second basemen? Well for starters, his slugging percentage of .456 would rank in the top 5 of 2B if he had enough plate appearances to qualify. It’s also higher than Jose Altuve’s .451 slugging %, and right below Asdrubal Cabrera’s .458 slugging %. Frazier’s decent .357 OBP would have tied with Scooter Gennett for #4 at .357. Frazier’s 116 wRC+ would also rank within the top 10 of second basemen, and tied with Rays’ Joey Wendle for #7th on the list.

The Pirates are chalk full of players that can be easily overlooked in today’s baseball world. Everything from their rotation, to line-up and bench pieces are overshadowed. Adam Frazier is just one of their many players that gets no attention. But even though he never receives the attention of many starting second basemen in The MLB, Frazier has shown that he can hit with the best of them.

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