Why This Needs To Be Yoan Moncada's Breakout Season

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By: Marcos Sandoval


the White Sox have a stud on their roster who hasn’t really delivered since being up. There was so much hype around the 24 year back in his 2016 MiLB and 2017 MLB seasons. I could quote myself saying “Moncada is the next best second baseman.” Moncada was a player that was too good for Triple-A(AAA) but not yet good enough for big league pitching. This lead to him only playing 54 games in 2017.

2018 was his first full season in the bigs with 149 games in the season. But with that came 21 errors and major league-leading 217 strikeouts. There were doubts in the minds of fans of the Sox and of the game. Were were seeing a 23 year old kid too good for the minors but not good enough for big league pitching. He had a .235 batting average during 2018. Not the best.

Yes he is now only 24, still young. But many saw him as a future superstar in his position, the next Jose Altuve or even better than Jose Altuve. A lot of break out superstars in any position were already performing in their position and in the batters box by age 19 or 20. To be fair Moncada was never signed until he was 20. Since it takes most break out stars 3-4 years, and Moncada is on his 4th year, and has about only 52 less MLB games than he does minor league games(215:267), I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

2019 has started off crazy for Yoan Moncada. His season came with a position change,from 2B to 3B, which could contribute to his overall batting performance. In spring training (20 Games) he went .358 Batting average with an OPS 1.110, include 3 homeruns,9 RBI’s, and 19 hits, in a prep time where “player’s aren’t trying” or “things shouldn’t be taken seriously”. While six games into the MLB season Moncada is at 11 hits, 10 RBI’s , 2 homeruns, a batting average of .458, and an OPS of 1.394. He already has 16% of his RBI’s taken in 149 games of 2018 in 6 games in 2019.

This might be a great year for Moncada.

As a White Sox fan, I hope great things are in store for him.

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