Madison Bumgarner's No Trade Clause Is Genius

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By: Noah Wright


Giants’ lefty starter Madison Bumgarner has a partial no trade clause in his contract. On Saturday, Ken Rosenthal reported 8 teams are part of his NTC. This includes the Braves, Phillies, Red Sox, Cubs, Astros, Yankees, Brewers, and Cardinals. MadBum had chose these teams because they are teams that are in contention. While it seems strange, it’s a very smart move.

Now before I get into why it’s extremely smart what Bumgarner is doing, if you are a fan of any of the teams he can turn down a trade from, you are likely one of the 8 finalists for his services. These are teams he wants to go to.

For one, each of these teams could use starting rotation help. Plus, they could all be in on him. Bumgarner is on the last year of his contract, and was only getting paid $12 million in 2019. It’s not like he’s going to cost a fortune in terms of prospects. Even then, each team does have prospects the Giants would be interested in. So by the deadline, Bumgarner could select from 8 teams that are in direct contention.

It is also beneficial for Bumgarner since could potentially make more money wherever he goes. Most of the teams he has an NTC toward some payroll space to afford Bumgarner. Bumgarner might only accept a trade from one of his 8 desired destinations if they can promise him an extension. After seeing what happened to fellow southpaw Dallas Keuchel, and All-Star closer Craig Kimbrel this off season, Bumgarner likely sees the shift free agency is taking. He likely doesn’t want to deal with something similar, and wants to go somewhere he can get guaranteed money.

The decision by MadBum, and possibly his agent, to chose 8 teams that are in contention, possibly want his services, and have some payroll to spend is absolutely genius. It sets up the best possible outcome for Madison Bumgarner. Even if he does get traded to a team that isn’t on his NTC, it’ll still likely be a team that is in contention like the Rays, Dodgers, Twins, or Indians.

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