The Marlins Will Likely Loose Any Trade That Involves JT Realmuto

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By: Jeffery Romeu


If you were to ask a random person on the street, “Who is the hottest star in Las Vegas today?” Some will say singer/song writer Cher and other may say world most famous magician David Copperfield. But, because of the 2018 Winter Meetings are set in Vegas the hottest star is All-Star catcher JT Realmuto.

At this point, it is safe to say that possibly every team has inquired about Realmuto. Additionally, his agent has explicitly stated that he does not wish to sign a long term deal with the Miami Marlins. Obviously, no one blames him for wanting out. In 2017, the Marlins new front office headed by CEO Derek Jeter purged the team of all its stars (Again) for pennies on the dollar. Even though it remains to be seen if the prospects acquired from those trades will develop into effective major league players, at the moment the Marlins are still rebuilding. Clearly, Realmuto wants to compete now, but when the Marlins trade him, they will lose.

The Marlins have had a high asking price for Realmuto since last year and given the two years left in his rookie contract, it’s understandable. However, in recent days, the Marlins have reportedly lowered their asking price because teams around the league are clearly not interested in giving up top prospects like Fernando Tatis Jr (Padres), Vladimir Guerrero Jr (Blue Jays), Amed Rosario (Mets), and Victor Robles (Nationals). So, where does that leave the Marlins? 

Recently though unrealistically, it was reported that the Mets, Yankees, and Marlins were attempting a three team trade that would involve Realmuto and the Mets star pitcher Noah Syndergaard. At first glance, I was thrilled, but after thorough reading I discovered that the Marlins would not receive a first class pitcher for a first class catcher, but once again unproven prospects like Clint Frazier (Yankees) who struggled in the majors, a tired indifferent catcher Tomás Nido (Mets), and a few other uninspiring pieces.

This is the problem with the Realmuto trade, the Marlins can’t win! They are stuck having to trade him because they offered him what is a shameful amount of money for the quality of player he is and now have to take sub par players because their asking price was unrealistically high and hope they even make it to the major leagues. In the end, Realmuto will end up on a team that will compete and the Marlins will gain players who won’t be stars, but fillers until the team loses 100 games and maybe drafts future stars. This is not moneyball, this is Marlins-ball. Settle for a pretend good deal, but it is an obvious steal by the other side. Pretend we can be the Astros and Cubs, like we pretended to be the Yankees and Red Soxs during the Jeffrey Loris era. 

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