2018 Winter Meetings = Riley Ferrell

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By: Jeffery Romeu
I can only imagine the majority of individuals who see the title of this article thinking, “Who is Riley Ferrell?” Well, he is the only addition to the Miami Marlins roster during the 2018 Winter Meetings; not through a signing, but the Rule 5 Draft. This isn’t meant as an insult to Ferrell, he seems like a talented relief pitcher with closer like stuff. However, given the hype the Marlins created on the idea of trading JT Realmuto for top prospects and possibly signing a few veteran free agents, these meetings are an omen of the endless grandstanding by the Jeter/Sherman administration in attempt for them to mimic the Astros and Cubs. 

There is no doubt that Realmuto will be traded at some point. Yet, as more time passes, it becomes less likely that the Marlins will get what they want in return. The Marlins have ridiculously high asking price for Realmuto and it is justified, but no team is biting. It was reported recently that the Marlins asked the New York Mets for Amed Rosario their top prospect, but that wasn’t enough; they also asked for Brandon Nimmo and Michael Conforto. While most teams would have been thrilled to take the Mets top prospect, the Marlins aren’t. Their efforts to gain multiple top prospects at once is an ambitious venture, but it isn’t realistic. As I mentioned in my previous article, at this point, the Realmuto trade won’t produce the prospects the Marlins have been striving to acquire. The trade will probably happen around the mid - season trade deadline and it is possible that Realmuto’s value will be lower given that other catchers like Wilson Ramos and Yasmani Grandal are free agents. 

In addition to Realmuto still being a Marlins, they didn’t sign a single player. Players like Daniel Murphy, Troy Tulowitzki, Nick Markakis, and so many others are available and given the Marlins low payroll they are easily affordable. However, there were no rumors, talks, or signings for the Marlins. At the moment, the Marlins only have one spot left in their 40 - man roster, which means they will sign at least one player, and I’m calling it now, it will be Manny Machado! Only to be trade away for prospects an hour later. 

The Marlins will not be competitive until 2021 or 2022, but a bad trade involving Realmuto will make a playoff even less likely and pushed even further to 2023. 

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