Colorado Rockies

True Products Of Coors

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By: Noah Wright   We all know what the Coors factor is. Coors Field is one of the most notorious hitter friendly parks in the MLB. The thin atmosphere from being in the mountains makes the ball travel further and faster than in other fields. Currently, Coors gives up the most runs, most hits, 4th most doubles, 4th most triples, and the 8th most home runs on average in the entire MLB. A handful of the Rockies’ players are greatly helped by the fact they play half of their MLB games. Some are almost completely helpless outside of Coors. These...

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The Rockies And First Base

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By: Noah Wright    The Colorado Rockies have made it clear that they want an upgrade at first base. They reportedly made a serious run for former D-Backs first baseman Paul Goldschmidt, but ultimately fell short to the St. Louis Cardinals in that pursuit. Still with interest at getting an upgrade at the position, they’ll look among the free agent market and trading market to get an upgrade. Their main 1B in 2018 was Ian Desmond. The only good thing to come out of ‘18 for Desmond was a 20/20 season. The converted-shortstop-to outfield-to first base-to multi-position option only batted...

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What Rockies Pitchers Can Learn From Their Best Statistical Seasons

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