Cleveland Indians

The Indians Perfect Free Agent Fit

By: Noah Wright   The Indians are now going to be without MVP caliber shortstop Francisco Lindor to start the season, and potentially all of April. However, the free agent crop is still deep, and holds one certain unsigned player who perfectly fits the Cleveland Indians. I’m talking about the most versatile player in the MLB, Marwin Gonzalez. Now why is Gonzalez the perfect fit the Indians? Well first, he can play shortstop to a good degree. He has positive marks in DRS at shortstop. This makes him a good fill-in for Lindor. Plus, it’s his main position by trade....

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Ways The Indians Can Cut Some Payroll, But Still Be Contenders

By: Noah Wright   The Cleveland Indians have stated before that they are in need of some payroll relief. While they have stated that they may even go so far as to shopping some of their top tier guys like Corey Kluber and Carlos Carrasco, I feel there are other areas in where The Indians could pull a salary dump to create some payroll space. Mainly, I’m going to be looking at trades that help The Indians current financial situation. At the end, I’ll try to estimate how much they saved in total.   The first player they should try...

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