What's Left For The Red Sox To Do This Off Season

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By: Alan Cavagnaro


(BOSTON - MA)-It was announced recently that Joe Kelly would be signing with the Dodgers a 3 year 25M deal with the California club that sends Kelly to his home state for the first time in his career. While Kelly has said he wanted to remain in Boston for the rest of his career, and despite the Red Sox showing interest, he signed with Los Angeles. So now with the loss of Joe Kelly, and presumably Craig Kimbrel, what else is happening with Bostons bullpen?

The Red Sox DO have a complete 40 man roster, but rumor has it they're still not done with that however. With resigning Eovaldi to make the final spot on the roster, the Red Sox have been keen on trading away one of their catchers, which is hard to do considering Leon has the best stats with pitchers and starters tend to enjoy Leon behind the plate, Swihart is a utility man who can play many other positions and is better offensively. The trade most likely could be on either
Leon or Vazquez and Dombrowski has been quoted saying, “It's hard to carry all three on the big league club. None of them have options left, but we're also not going to just give them away to give them away. We'll see where that takes us.” Also with more teams showing interest in Yasmani Grandal, it is unlikely the Sox will go after Yasmani knowing there will be other bidders.

For the Red Sox bullpen however, some of the biggest relievers up on the market right now are coincidentally all 33 years of age, that being Andrew Miller, David Robertson, and Adam Ottavino. The Red Sox have been lurking to sign one more reliever, that being one of the three mentioned above, realistically it could either be Robertson or Ottavino, but don’t count out an Andrew Miller homecoming as well. All three do have the capability of being a closer to replace Kimbrel. However, if this does happen, the Red Sox most likely will trade away one of their
catchers for presumably either a prospect, or a player to be named later. The  puzzle pieces do add up because the roster is full as of now, and the Red Sox bullpen impressively looks even less than it did last year, due to the loss of Kelly and most likely Kimbrel. So for Dombrowski, exiting the winter meetings there should be one goal on mind, and it's to make room for one more reliever.

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