The Next Breakout Pitcher: Tyler Glasnow

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By: Marcos Sandoval


Tyler Glasnow, the 25 year old Tampa Bay Ray pitcher. He was part of the deal, alongside Austin Meadows, that sent Chris Archer to the Pirates. For the Rays, this trade worked out better than expected. Austin Meadows is raking and Tyler Glasnow is dominating. For the Pirates, there’s room for an upside. Chris Archer hasn’t looked like the former, Tampa Bay Chris Archer, but slowly he is. We are starting to that ‘Archer Swag’ and his ability is starting to show again.

Back to Glasnow. 2018’s half with the Rays looked about the same or similar as it did with the Pirates. Strikeouts per 9 decreased and ERA stayed about the same but this was only with 11 games, when he had 34 with Pittsburgh. 2018 wasn’t looking like it payed off.

But there was promise. His strikeouts were almost the same, (Tampa:64 & Pittsburg:72). Control looked better.

2019 has looked amazing for Tyler. 4-0 record out of 4 games started. He leads the majors in win%. If this trend continues, you are certainly expecting a win from the 25 year-old everytime he pitches. He leads the AL with lowest ERA at 1.13 as well as leading the AL with the lowest BB9 at 1.1. And he has a WHIP of .875.

Granted, it is only 4 games for him and not even a month into the season so certain teams and players haven’t kicked off yet. With his talent and the help of the Rays’ pitching staff, Glasnow has the ability to become the ace of The Rays rotation. Only time will tell, and the fact that pitchers don’t have their prime until late 20’s and early 30’s, we still have a lot to witness.

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