Addison Reed: Under The Radar

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By: Marcos Sandoval


When you hear of MLB’s top closers and relief pitchers, who do think of? Kimbrel? Knebel? Jansen? Well here is one guy you don’t hear about, Addison Reed.

Me, as a White Sox fan, remember him from his old days in the black in white pinstriped of the south side from 2011-2013. With only 6 games in his 2011 season, it took until the 2012 season for Reed to get a full season under his belt. He finished with a 4.75 ERA, 29 saves, and 4 holds in his rookie year. Although an ERA that is too high for a good reliever nowadays, Addison Reed’s best years were yet to come.

The 2013 season would be his last with the White Sox and would be the better of the two. He would finish the year would 40 saves, a 3.79 ERA, and a WHIP of 1.107 which would be the 4th lowest of his career. Good numbers for his sophomore year in the big leagues. He would place 98th out of 135 relievers in all MLB based on ERA alone.

2014 would be a season to forget for Reed. Having just joined the Diamondbacks, the transition wasn’t going to well. Finishing with a record of 1-7, and ERA of 4.25, and 32 saves. A step down, yes but a dominant period was yet to come.

In 2015, Reed would come to have his lowest ERA yet of 3.38 having played for both the Diamondbacks and Mets. But this coming with a lower amount of save, only 4, with less games played, 55. He would be the losing pitcher in Game 5 of the 2015 world series.

2016 would be a dominant year for Reed. Finishing with his lowest ERA of his career at 1.97. Only 1 save, having become the set up man to Jeurys Familia, but having a league leading 40 saves. Truly a dominant year for the right-hander. A .940 WHIP would come in 2016, and would make you wonder how the reliever didn’t make it to the All-Star Game.having been the 10 best reliever in all of the MLB. Top 5 if you put the closers in a separate category.

2017 would be another great year. Bouncing from NL to AL from the Mets to the Red Sox, Reed had an ERA of 2.84. Reed averaged a strikeout per inning pitched. He had 19 saves and 15 holds. Great stats for a man having to split the fame, and game time with one of the most dominant closers of the last decade or so(Craig Kimbrel).

2018 would see him get a move back to the AL Central with the Minnesota Twins. Would be an average year for the reliever. An ERA of 4.5. And 0 saves, with only 10 holds. His worst season to date.

2019, at age 30, Reed looks to reignite his career. He is in a Twins team that look like contenders in the 2 team battle of the AL central. I hope him the best this season. I would like him to finish his career back with the team that gave him his start though. I’m lucky enough to have gotten his signature back in his full rookie year of 2012.

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